Traceability at a Glance


Undetermined, it depends


Your IP address seems to be:

This IP address is related to: Ashburn (US)

It depends

When you are at this moment in or near Ashburn (US), then you are Easy to trace.

When you are connected to the internet with your mobile device via your telephone provider you are probably Easy to trace.

When you are sure that you are connected with Wi-Fi, not in Ashburn (US) and not near Ashburn (US), then you are Hard to trace*.

* Disclaimer

How hard it is to trace you depends on the tools you use to protect your IP address.

In the eBook Information Security for Journalists it is suggested to use Tor as a secure browser that anonymises your location and identity, and overcomes web censorship.

Note that Traceability at a Glance gives you only a rough indication (hard or easy) of your traceability.


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